Next to “Lucky Dining,” we are expanding the “BABY&KIDS FAMILYZONE” kids area this year.

The BABY&KIDS FAMILYZONE, themed around learning through play, will be coordinated by the SMILEKIDS GROUP, which operates daycare centers and runs KIDS AREAs at outdoor music festivals and amusement facilities across the country. The area offers a safe and secure play space for children from infants to elementary school students, managed by staff with specialized knowledge.

  • Please note that this is not a daycare service. Parents must stay with their children and enjoy the KIDS AREA together.
  • Children cannot use the area alone.
  • Photos will be taken within the area for reports on our website and Facebook. Thank you for your understanding.

Introduction to the Family-Friendly Hospitality Area at BABY&KIDS

This year, the BABY&KIDS FAMILY AREA at Lucky Fest is designed to be a welcoming and family-friendly space! Parents can relax and unwind from their daily stress, while kids experience playtime that’s a bit different from their usual routine. We offer a cozy space where even taking a short break becomes a wonderful memory.

In the BABY&KIDS FAMILY AREA, we provide facilities for nursing and diaper changing, as well as a gentle play area for babies who can crawl, toddlers who are just starting to stand, and those taking their first steps. Elementary school children can enjoy dynamic play on large playground equipment and have fun in the water play area!

We invite you to enjoy the enhanced BABY&KIDS FAMILY AREA.


We hope that the children and families who come to the festival will experience a break from their usual routine! Cherish this special time to feel and reconnect with the important things, objects, and people in your life, and make unforgettable memories together.

Nursing Booth & Diaper Changing Booth

We have set up dedicated booths for nursing and diaper changing so that parents with young children can feel at ease!

  • Nursing Booth: Equipped with a water dispenser, this area allows parents to prepare milk comfortably and conveniently.
  • Diaper Changing Booth: In addition to traditional changing tables where children can lie down, we also have standing diaper changing stations for added convenience.


This is a place where children can play with familiar toys, draw, and relax. It’s a safe and secure space, especially for families attending the festival for the first time, allowing them to experience playtime that’s a bit different from their usual routine.

※Please note that this is not a daycare service. Parents must stay with their children and enjoy the BABY&KIDS booths together.

Create your own LuckyFes original corkboard (500 yen per session)
Stamp ink onto a sheet with cut-out LuckyFes letters to add color. Once you’ve colored all the letters, peel off the sheet and freely decorate the surrounding area with crayons and stamps.

▷Stand-Making Workshop (1500 yen)
Freely attach your favorite tiles to a wooden board to create your own original stand! Whether you use it to hold flowers or as a small coffee table, enjoy having a one-of-a-kind stand in the world.

▷Kids Care Program: Stroller Walk Workshop
We will take care of your child for one hour while they go on a walk around the venue with a caregiver and complete a stamp rally! *Open to children aged 4 and above.

Fee: 1500 yen. Timing and application details will be announced on the day.

※During the time your child is with us, feel free to enjoy the live performances or grab a bite to eat, making the most of a little free time.

▼Activity Booth
Try to clear various obstacles such as balance stones, hopscotch, and balance beams together with your parents! Can you complete them all?
※Please participate with appropriate footwear for physical activity.

▼Water Play 
This year, we have prepared a water play area within the kids’ space.
It’s a perfect spot for a little change of pace where children can enjoy playing with water.

※Important Notes

  • Parents must always keep an eye on their children!
  • Please follow the rules while playing
  • This area is for light water play. Items such as floaties and goggles cannot be used, even if brought.

Ball Rolling
Roll balls on wooden tracks! You can create various courses by moving the wooden tracks, so work together with your parents or friends to build a course and roll the balls!

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