Q. Is ID verification required?

A. Yes, ID verification is necessary. As part of our visitor (friends) data management system, all visitors (friends) are required to present the registration completion screen from the official LuckyFes app (iOS, Android) along with their ticket to enter. 

Please download the official app and complete the ID verification process in advance. For more details, please check “Method for Registering Personal Information”

Q. Can the event be canceled?

A. The event may be canceled due to bad weather, natural disasters, public health concerns (in the case of a viral outbreak), etc. In such cases, information will be provided on the official website and social media.

About Tickets

Q. How do I apply for tickets?

A. You can apply for tickets through the “Ticket Page” listed on the official site. Agreeing to the LuckyFes guidelines is required when purchasing tickets. Purchasing tickets signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions listed therein, so please be sure to read them before purchasing tickets.

Q. Can anyone buy a ticket for junior and senior high school students?

A. Each ticket is intended for individuals of the appropriate age group. Age verification may be required at the entrance to prevent fraudulent purchases. Please check the “Guideline” section for more details.

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. There are no age restrictions. Admission for children of elementary students and under is free (if accompanied by a ticket-holding guardian, limited to two children per guardian). Attendees of high school age or younger cannot be considered guardians due to their minor status.

Q. What payment methods are available?

A. Please check the application page for details.

Q. Can I cancel or change the payment method for tickets I’ve already applied for?

A. Except in the case of event cancellation, refunds for purchased tickets are not available. Changes in the number of tickets, ticket types, or payment methods cannot be made after payment (this includes changes in entry conditions, or early termination due to bad weather, cancellation/change of performing artists, disregard of staff instructions, attendee illness, or cancellation due to any other personal circumstances).

About Admission

Q. Can I bring pets?

A. No animals are allowed on festival grounds, with the exception of certified service animals, such as guide dogs, etc.

About Items / Restrictions on What You Can Bring

Q. What should I bring with me to the event?

A. – Plastic bags (to collect trash or protect your personal belongings from the rain)

– A simple first aid kit (band-aids, daily medications, etc.)

– Sunscreen

– Tissue paper, wet wipes

– Clothing: hat, towel, change of T-shirt, sneakers, something to wear in case of rain, like a raincoat or poncho

– Handy fan, cooling gel sheets, and other items to help you stay cool and prevent heatstroke 

Q. Can I bring a camera?

A. Cameras are allowed, but professional photography equipment such as cameras with telephoto lenses over 200mm and selfie sticks for smartphones or GoPro are prohibited. Additionally, when photographing artists, only smartphones are allowed. Please refrain from using cameras. Further details will be provided later. If it is discovered that you have photographed, recorded, or taped artists who are prohibited from being filmed, all media will be confiscated, data will be immediately deleted, and in severe cases, the equipment will also be confiscated.

Q. Can I bring a tent?

A. You may bring a tent only if you purchase a tent ticket in advance. Details about tent tickets will be provided at a later date, so please check back for more details.

Q. Can I bring a cooler box?

A. Yes, you can bring a cooler box to prevent heatstroke. However, you are not allowed to bring in cooler boxes containing prohibited items such as bottles, cans, and all alcoholic beverages. Drinks in PET bottles, paper packs, and baby bottles are allowed.
Cooler boxes can only be placed in the tent areas, kids’ area, and group areas. You cannot use them to reserve seats, use them as chairs, or bring them into other areas. If you do, staff will ask you to move them. Please note that the organizers are not responsible for any lost items.

Q. Can I bring a carry wagon?

A. Carry wagons are allowed, but their use may be restricted depending on crowd conditions.

Q. Are there any prohibited items?

A. Bringing alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, cans, umbrellas, fireworks (or any pyrotechnics), bicycles, skateboards, kickboards, inflatable pools, water guns, professional photography equipment with telephoto lenses exceeding 200mm, selfie sticks, drones, or any other items prohibited by law or that may cause inconvenience to others is prohibited.

   *Please check this page for a full list of items prohibited by  Hitachi Seaside Park.

Q. Can I bring drinks?

A. Bringing drinks in a reusable container is allowed, but alcoholic beverages, as well as cans and glass bottles are prohibited. If found, they will be confiscated and disposed of.

Q. Can I bring food?

A. Due to sanitation concerns, bringing in outside food is strongly discouraged. Bringing snacks like prepackaged bread or crackers for small children is allowed.

Q. Can I bring fans or penlights?

A. bring cheering goods are allowed. Please use them in a manner that does not obstruct the view of other attendees. Flags for cheering are also permitted, but please refrain from using them in the stage viewing area. Additionally, depending on the crowd situation within the venue, staff may ask you to refrain from using certain items, so please be prepared for that.

Q. Can I use a stroller?

A. Strollers are allowed. You may be asked to fold your stroller in crowded situations. Stroller rental or check-in services are not provided. Please do not leave your stroller unattended.

Q. Can I use an umbrella inside the venue?

A. Parasols are allowed for heat stroke preventative measures, but their use in the seating area is prohibited. The use of umbrellas for rain is forbidden, so please prepare to wear a poncho or other waterproof gear instead.

About The Venue

Q. Will alcoholic beverages be available inside the venue?

A. Alcohol sales are planned inside the venue.

Q. Can I smoke inside the venue?

A. The venue is non-smoking except for designated smoking areas. If you smoke, including electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, please use the smoking areas provided inside the venue.

Q. Are there any places to rest?

A. Please use shaded areas within the park. Detailed information will be provided at a later date. Setting up seats or tarps around stages, audience seating or walkways, or leaving belongings unattended which could hinder operations is not allowed. (Staff may ask you to move or remove items depending on the situation)

Q. Can I leave my luggage at the venue?

A. paid cloakroom will be available on-site. *Items can be taken in and out.
The fee is 1,000 yen per day (including tax).

Q. Is there a dedicated space for wheelchairs?

A: Yes, there will be priority spaces for wheelchairs within the viewing areas of each stage. These spaces are available for individuals using wheelchairs or crutches, those with physical disabilities, pregnant women, and those accompanied by infants or toddlers, along with one accompanying person per individual.

Starting this year, we will issue special wristbands for the wheelchair priority spaces to ensure our staff can provide courteous service. To receive a wristband, please present your disability certificate, maternal and child health handbook, or confirm your use of a wheelchair at the entrance.

Please note that space is limited, and during crowded times, access to these areas may be restricted. We kindly ask everyone to share these spaces considerately. Please refrain from bringing strollers into the priority spaces.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the onsite staff.

Q. Is there a childcare facility inside the venue?

A. There are no childcare facilities or places to leave your children inside the venue.

Q. Can I use electronic money? Can I charge electronic money?

A. Electronic money can be used within the venue. Please note that electronic money and cash cannot be used together for payment, so make sure to charge your electronic money sufficiently in advance.

Additionally, the available payment methods may vary by booth, so please check the information below.
*In the event of communication issues, cash payments will also be accepted.

▼ Lucky Dining, OFFICIAL BAR, Cloakroom
(Electronic Money)
iD, Suica, QUICPay, Rakuten Edy, WAON, nanaco, PASMO, TOICA, Kitaca, SUGOCA, manaca, ICOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken
(QR Code Payment)
PayPay, auPAY, d Barai
(Credit Card)
VISA, JCB, AMEX, Mastercard
*Cash will not be accepted except in case of communication issues.

▼ Official Merchandise Booth
(Available Credit Cards)
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club
(Electronic Money)
iD, Suica, QUICPay, Rakuten Edy
(QR Code Payment)
PayPay, auPAY, d Barai, Merpay, LINE Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Rakuten Pay
*Cash is also accepted.

▼ Artist Merchandise Booth
(Electronic Money)
iD, Suica, QUICPay, Rakuten Edy, WAON, nanaco, PASMO, TOICA, Kitaca, SUGOCA, manaca, ICOCA, nimoca, Hayakaken
(QR Code Payment)
PayPay, auPAY, d Barai
(Credit Card)
VISA, JCB, AMEX, Mastercard
*Cash is also accepted.

Q. Can I use cash?


A. Cash can be used at the official merchandise booths and artist merchandise booths. Payments at Lucky Dining will generally be cashless.
*In the event of communication issues, cash payments will also be accepted within Lucky Dining.

Q. Can I camp or barbecue?

A. Camping overnight as well as the use of charcoal grills, cassette stoves or other open-flame devices are strictly prohibited.

Q. Is there a pre-lottery for the front area of the viewing area?

A. There are no plans to set up a front-viewing area in advance.   

*In consideration of other attendees, holding spots in front of the stage for your friends or family ahead of time is prohibited. We ask for your cooperation in enjoying the event with good manners.

Traffic Access

Q. Can I arrive by car?

A. Parking ticket sales are planned. Details will be announced at a later date.

Q. Is there a parking area for people with disabilities?

A. A parking area for people with disabilities is planned. Details will be announced at a later date.

Q. If I’m pregnant, can I get assistance with parking?

A. Those who are pregnant will be able to use the priority parking area, but a parking ticket will be required. Please display a “maternity mark” and purchase a special parking ticket in advance. The number of parking spaces is limited, so please check back for further information. 

Q. I want to go by train. Where is the nearest station?

A. The nearest station is Katsuta Station. Please see “ACCESS” for details. A shuttle bus (paid) from the nearest station to the venue is planned.

Q. Can I go by motorcycle?

A. Yes, we welcome motorcyclists. Parking details will be announced at a later date. Please do not park illegally in the surrounding areas.

Q. I want to go by bicycle. Is there a bicycle parking area?

A. Bicycle parking will be provided in 1st Parking Lot.
Bicycle parking is free of charge and does not require advance reservations.
Please do not leave your bicycle unattended on the grounds of nearby facilities.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, please contact us. Please note that it may take some time to respond.

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