In 2022, LuckyFes made history. We launched LuckyFes from scratch with just six months of preparation time and hosted 20,000 people at three stages over two days. What’s more, we were the first rock festival in Japan to feature a VIP/VVIP area and the after-festival party created a memorable time for all.(LuckyFes’22 After Movie

In 2023, the event was expanded to three days and attendance grew to 42,000. VIP/VVIP were unified under the name “VVIP,” the benefits were enhanced, and nearly 400 people took part over the three days. In the survey, we received a high rating of 4.87 out of 5 points. Thank you to everyone who came!(LuckyFes’23 After Movie

This year, the third year of the festival, we will be outdoing ourselves yet again, aiming to be “Asia’s largest theme park festival.” We will expand the scale of the festival to the grassland area with four stages over three days from July 13th (Saturday) to the 15th (Monday, a national holiday), and aim to attract 120,000 attendees. We plan to offer music from a variety of genres so that people of all generations can appreciate the performances. We are also thinking of creating a theme park-like presentation where visitors can enjoy exploring and discovering different kinds of experiences.

For VVIPs, we offer the following benefits to make your event even more enjoyable.

1) Access to two areas, exclusive to VVIPs
① EAST: Space adjacent to RAINBOW and WING STAGE on the grasslands
・Air-conditioned eating and drinking area
・Relaxation area located under the shade
・Special seating overlooking the stage
・Tent featuring a bar counter and sofa
*We also plan to set up a pool, sauna, and jacuzzi (subject to park permissions.)
② COOL: Space utilizing a permanent cafe
・Air-conditioned cafe
・A stage exclusively for VVIPs, G1@LuckyFes (scheduled events to be held every day)
・Open space under the trees
・Massage (reservation required/paid)
・Private viewing (You can enjoy the state of each stage via ABEMA distribution

2) Food and beverages provided at VVIP EAST & COOL (all inclusive, excluding champagne)

3) VVIP priority seats available on 4 stages (RAINBOW, WING, GARDEN & HILLS)

4) Transportation to and from designated hotels, priority parking, and free exclusive gate access

5) Opportunities to participate, use, and purchase paid events, services, and goods limited to VVIPs

① Participation in the after-festival party (50,000 yen/person) *Scheduled to be held every night at M-GARDEN.
② Massage under the shade of the trees (5,000 yen/30 minutes)
③ Champagne service (50,000 to 100,000 yen/bottle)
④ Special Aloha shirt (50,000 yen/shirt)

My close friends will be there, so there will be networking opportunities. Starting this year, we are offering a reduced rate for 3-day passes: 380,000 yen (a 160,000 yen discount) instead of 540,000 yen for 3 days for an individual, and 1.5 million yen (a 300,000 yen discount) instead of 1.8 million yen for 10 people. We hope you enjoy all three days of LuckyFes with your family and friends.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

See you at LuckyFes’24 (^^)

LuckyFes General Producer

Yoshito Hori

*More details are available here.
*A support package of 500,000 yen is also available. For more information, please contact