『JDOL AUDITION supported by TIF』の最終合格者7名と、2022年5月31日に活動を終了した「ラスト アイドル」の元メンバー3名(橋本桃呼・松本ももな・籾山ひめり)、計10名によって2022年8月に結成。 サウンドプロデュースはクリエイターユニットHoneyWorksが担当。
高嶺の花のように多くの人から憧れられ手に入れることのできない、そして大和撫子のように日本女性の清楚 な美しさとかわいらしさをもった、誇り高きアイドルグループを目指す。

TAKANE NO NADESHIKO is a 10-member idol group formed in August 2022. Their music is produced by the creative unit HoneyWorks. The group aims to be an idol group that is admired and unattainable like a "lofty dream," while also embodying the pure beauty and charm of traditional Japanese women, like the "Yamato Nadeshiko."

In November 2022, they released an official cover music video of HoneyWorks' "Kawaikute Gomen" on YouTube, which surpassed 15 million views*. They have also released numerous original songs, with their total views on TikTok exceeding 150 million*.

The group was selected as one of "100 New Faces of 2024" by "Nikkei Entertainment!" and made their major debut with the single "Utsukushiku Ikiro / Koi wo Shitta Sekai" under Victor Entertainment on February 21, 2024. They are managed by TWIN PLANET.