LuckyFM (Headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) announces the final performing artists for the music festival ‘LuckyFes’24,’ which will be held over the three-day holiday from July 13th to 15th at Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture). A total of 97 groups, including 17 artists performing at Lucky Space and 3 artists who won the Battle to LuckyFes, will gather at LuckyFes’24 to deliver an exciting stage!

<<Final Performing Artists>>

Xdinary Heroes/n.SSign/KISS OF LIFE/シャイトープ/JY(KARA)/竹原ピストル/NEWS/一青窈/FUNKY MONKEY BΛBY’S

Furthermore, the special stage ‘Docomo CSpresents Lucky Space’ will host music live performances and DJ sets by artists and personalities associated with LuckyFM. On Sunday, July 14th, there will be a live broadcast of ‘Leverages presents MUSIC COUNTDOWN 10&10,’ hosted by the comedian duo Oswald. On Monday, July 15th (a public holiday), four idol groups currently appearing in the audition program ‘Idol to LuckyFes*,’ competing for a chance to perform on the LuckyFes’25 stage, will also brighten the stage.

<<Docomo CSpresents Lucky Space>>
Idol to LuckyFes(Palette Parade・さよならステイチューン・アイオケ・メイビーME)/安達勇人/宇宙まお/磯山純/イバラッパー a.k.a イバラキング/京太朗と晴彦/クリトリック・リス/KEN EBISAWA/佐咲紗花/DJ SEIRA/DJ YU-KI/根本凪/ひとりスキップカウズ (イマヤス)/マシコタツロウ special guest 加藤里保菜

Additionally, three groups that won the audition ‘Battle to LuckyFes*,’ competing for the right to perform on the LuckyFes’24 stage, will appear as the opening acts.

<<Battle to LuckyFes Performing Artists>>

Furthermore, we will continue to announce additional artists individually as needed. Please look forward to the crossover lineup unique to LuckyFes, aiming to be the largest theme park-style festival in Asia!

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Idol to LuckyFes:
Battle to LuckyFes:

List of Performing Artists


AMEFURASSHI with RAM RIDER/ALI/石井竜也with杏里/ウルフルズ/加藤ミリヤ/氣志團/クラウド・ルー(盧廣仲)<New>/THE PRIMALS/The Wasabies<New>/J-JUN/私立恵比寿中学/水曜日のカンパネラ/SUPER★DRAGON/SCANDAL/すりぃ/7ORDER/Chillies special guest MORISAKI WIN<New>/冨岡愛/Night Tempo with FANCYLABO/ばってん少女隊/ハルカミライ/FLOW/森高千里/yama/燐舞曲

相川七瀬/Aile The Shota/打首獄門同好会/XY/岡崎体育<New>/KREVA/ゴールデンボンバー/SILENT SIREN/THE BACK HORN/The BONEZ/Jams Collection/SKRYU/超ときめき(ハート)宣伝部/t-Ace/西川貴教<New>/Novelbright/ハラミちゃん/HEY-SMITH/MAN WITH A MISSION/MUCC/Mega Shinnosuke<New>/Roselia

新しい学校のリーダーズ/石崎ひゅーい/Ink Waruntorn<New>/edhiii boi/CANDY TUNE/KOTORI/Conton Candy<New>/Chevon/Juice=Juice/四星球/杉山清貴&オメガトライブ/Da-iCE/TETORA/Def Tech/トンボコープ/Novel Core/FRUITS ZIPPER/bokula./ヤングスキニー<New>/RAISE A SUILEN/ROTTENGRAFFTY

*Free admission for two children per adult ticket holder. Minors cannot be considered as adult ticket holders.

<Fourth Phase Ticket Lottery Wave One>

From: May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:00 to May 29, 2024 (Wednesday) 23:59
Ticket lottery winners announcement: June 3, 2024 (Monday) from 15:00
Deposit period for ticket lottery winners ends: Until June 9, 2024 (Sunday)

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■ For overseas residents (lottery) ※ International credit cards accepted

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Hometown Tax Donation

As a thank you for the hometown tax donations to Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, tickets for LuckyFes’24 will be offered starting March 7th (Thursday). 

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hitachinaka City, individual sponsorship will also begin. By utilizing Hitachinaka City’s hometown tax donations, you can enjoy the combined benefits of increasing the city’s financial resources, reducing the economic burden of your friends, and bringing more of your friends to LuckyFes. Please take advantage of it!

[July 13 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 14 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 15 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 13-15 Three-day Pass・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[Individual Sponsorship (July 13 Admission)] LuckyFes’24

[Individual Sponsorship (July 14 Admission)] LuckyFes’24

[Individual Sponsorship (July 15 Admission)] LuckyFes’24

<Announcement of Special GLOBIS Learning Event>

1.Learning with Yoshito Hori: Challenges and Leadership in the Entertainment Business (LuckyFes)
Using a short case study depicting the challenges from the inception of LuckyFes to its third year, Yoshito Hori, the general producer of LuckyFes, will discuss the realities of entering different industries with event participants.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 13, 2024, 19:30-21:00 Location: Online (Zoom) or GLOBIS Tokyo Campus Participation Fee: 12,800 yen (tax included) *Includes a one-day ticket to this year’s LuckyFes!
Details Link:

2.The Appeal of the Entertainment Business: A Conversation with Yoshito Hori
Before the seminar, a private dinner session with Yoshito Hori will be held. Last year, Kei Hiroshi Iso, from Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, who participated in LuckyFes as an individual sponsor, will be invited to explore the essence of the entertainment business and the appeal of LuckyFes.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 13, 2024, 18:00-19:00 Location: GLOBIS Meeting Room
Participation Fee: 180,000 yen
*Includes a one-day participation course for individual sponsorship of LuckyFes
Details Link:

[LuckyFes Official Character ‘Quokka’ LINE Stickers Released]

The LINE stickers of ‘Quokka,’ the animal that calls for Lucky, the official character of LuckyFes, were released on April 30th. By adding the LuckyFes official LINE account as a friend, you can download all eight adorable limited-time LINE stickers for free.

Distribution Period: April 30, 2024 (Tuesday) – July 22, 2024 (Monday)
Usage Period for Stickers: 90 days from download

<<Ibaraki Airport to LuckyFes’24 Direct Bus>>

In conjunction with LuckyFes’24, we have decided to operate a special direct bus from Ibaraki Airport. The Ibaraki Airport to LuckyFes’24 direct bus is available for a limited price of 3,500 yen (one-way) during the registration period from today until July 6. Registration will close as soon as all seats are filled, so we recommend early registration for those considering this option.

Register here: