Head to the National Hitachi Seaside Park for the summer three-day weekend.

Ibaraki Broadcasting Corporation (headquartered in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) has announced the third batch of 26 artists for the music festival ‘LuckyFes2024’, and will start the third phase of advance ticket sales from April 17th. Along with the 33 groups announced in the first and second rounds, the daily schedules of these 26 groups will also be announced.

<<Third wave of artists>>

Aile The Shota/XY/加藤ミリヤ/CANDY TUNE/KREVA/SILENT SIREN/THE PRIMALS/The BONEZ/J-JUN/Jams Collection/Juice=Juice/私立恵比寿中学/四星球/杉山清貴&オメガトライブ/Da-iCE/超ときめき(ハート)宣伝部/t-Ace/TETORA/Def Tech/冨岡愛/Night Tempo with FANCYLABO/Novel Core/ばってん少女隊/ハラミちゃん/ハルカミライ/FLOW

2nd Batch of Performing Artists


AMEFURASSHI/ALI/石井竜也with杏里/ウルフルズ/加藤ミリヤ<New>/氣志團/THE PRIMALS<New>/J-JUN<New>/私立恵比寿中学<New>/水曜日のカンパネラ/SUPER★DRAGON/SCANDAL/すりぃ/7ORDER/冨岡愛<New>/Night Tempo with FANCYLABO<New>/ばってん少女隊<New>/ハルカミライ<New>/FLOW<New>/森高千里/yama/燐舞曲  等


相川七瀬/Aile The Shota<New>/打首獄門同好会/XY<New>/KREVA<New>/ゴールデンボンバー/SILENT SIREN<New>/THE BACK HORN/The BONEZ<New>/Jams Collection<New>/SKRYU/超ときめき(ハート)宣伝部<New>/t-Ace<New>/Novelbright/ハラミちゃん<New>/HEY-SMITH/MAN WITH A MISSION/MUCC/Roselia 等


新しい学校のリーダーズ/石崎ひゅーい/edhiii boi/CANDY TUNE<New>/KOTORI/Chevon/Juice=Juice<New>/四星球<New>/杉山清貴&オメガトライブ<New>/Da-iCE<New>/TETORA<New>/Def Tech<New>/トンボコープ/Novel Core<New>/FRUITS ZIPPER/bokula./RAISE A SUILEN/ROTTENGRAFFTY 等

The third phase of advance ticket sales will run from April 17 (Wednesday) at 12:00 PM until May 7 (Tuesday) at 11:59 PM. Tickets are available through the LuckyFM ticketing system ‘IbaTike’, Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, ePlus, and Rakuten Ticket. Prices are 12,800 yen for a one-day ticket, 24,000 yen for a two-day pass, and 35,000 yen for a three-day pass (all prices include tax). With the desire to make it enjoyable for families as well, prices for junior and high school students are set at less than half, and elementary school students and younger can attend for free.

In conjunction with LuckyFes’24, we have also decided to operate a special direct bus service from Ibaraki Airport. The Ibaraki Airport direct bus to LuckyFes’24 is available from today until July 6, at a special price of 3,500 yen (one-way). Seats are limited, so if you are considering, we recommend applying early as registration will close once full.

◆ Click here to apply for the Ibaraki Airport direct bus to LuckyFes’24”


LuckyFes’24 is expanding the venue into the prairie area and will increase the number of stages to four: RAINBOW STAGE, WING STAGE, GARDEN STAGE, and HILLS STAGE. The LuckySpace, which was popular last year and featured artists associated with LuckyFM, will also be continued. LuckyFes is themed ‘Music Crossover’ and delivers a variety of music genres including POPS, ROCK, HIPHOP, JAZZ, anime songs, idols, vocaloid, dance groups, and artists popular across generations, all in conjunction with LuckyFM’s programs. This year, we are not only focusing on domestic acts but also advancing negotiations with artists from Korea (K-POP), Taiwan, China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia, pushing the music crossover concept further into Asia and globally. Enjoy a power-packed, culturally diverse LuckyFes this summer.

Ticket Details

*All prices include tax, free admission for elementary-aged students and younger*

(One-day ticket) Adults: 12,800 yen, Junior and high school students: 6,400 yen

(Two-day pass) Adults: 24,000 yen, Junior and high school students: 12,000 yen

(Three-day pass) Adults: 35,000 yen, Junior and high school students: 17,500 yen

*Free admission for two children per adult ticket holder. Minors cannot be considered as adult ticket holders.

<Third Phase Ticket Lottery Wave One>

From: April 17, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:00 to May 7, 2024 (Tuesday) 23:59
Ticket lottery winners announcement: May 11, 2024 (Saturday) from 15:00
Deposit period for ticket lottery winners ends: Until May 17, 2024 (Friday)

LuckyFes Ticket Page: https://luckyfes.com/en-ticket/
LuckyFM Ticket Sales System “Iba Ticket”: https://r.funity.jp/ibatick
Lawson Ticket LuckyFes Special Page: https://l-tike.com/concert/luckyfes/
Ticket Pia:https://t.pia.jp/pia/search_all.do?kw=LuckyFes
ePlus: https://eplus.jp/
Rakuten Ticket LuckyFes Special Page: https://r-t.jp/luckyfes2024

Hometown Tax Donation

As a thank you for the hometown tax donations to Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, tickets for LuckyFes’24 will be offered starting March 7th (Thursday). 

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hitachinaka City, individual sponsorship will also begin. By utilizing Hitachinaka City’s hometown tax donations, you can enjoy the combined benefits of increasing the city’s financial resources, reducing the economic burden of your friends, and bringing more of your friends to LuckyFes. Please take advantage of it!

[July 13 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 14 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 15 One-day Ticket・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[July 13-15 Three-day Pass・1 piece] LuckyFes’24 Ticket

[Individual Sponsorship (July 13 Admission)] LuckyFes’24

[Individual Sponsorship (July 14 Admission)] LuckyFes’24

[Individual Sponsorship (July 15 Admission)] LuckyFes’24