LuckyFes’24 has started recruiting food vendors for the Lucky Dining area on March 5th.  The festival plans to recruit more than 40 establishments to operate in the BBQ area adjacent to the prairie, the largest number ever. 

LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting Corporation (Headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) will be hosting LuckyFes’24 at the Hitachi Seaside Park over the three-day weekend from Saturday, July 13 to Monday, July 15, 2024. 

LuckyFes’24 aims to be the largest theme-park festival in Asia, targeting participation from 120,000 of our friends. This time, Lucky Dining is planning to host over 40 food vendors, including famous local Ibaraki and national food festival vendors, and new vendors offering Asian gourmet options for our friends from all over Asia.

■ Adding Gourmet Asian Delicacies to the Crossover of Diverse Cuisines

Lucky Dining aims to deliver a crossover of diverse cuisines. This year, in addition to a lineup of meat, rice bowls, noodles, skewers, sweets, and other popular Japanese festival food made with local ingredients from Ibaraki, festival-goers can enjoy gourmet Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes. By bringing these dishes together, we aim to offer a variety of options for everyone to enjoy.

■ Towards a New Festival Food Area Considering Environmental and Heat Stroke Measures

As a part of an eco-friendly festival, Lucky DIning is adopting the use of environmentally friendly containers. As LuckyFes expands, additional eateries will operate alongside Lucky Dining. 

To help combat heat stroke, we plan to increase the number of official drink bars, as well as operate additional drink bars outside of the Lucky Dining area. By taking a systematic approach to reducing wait times, we aim to create an environment where our guests can stay hydrated at all times. 

If you’re a restaurant owner who strongly believes that your menu will be a hit at LuckyFes, please apply as soon as possible! Help us to build the most delicious LuckyFes menu possible! 

Recruitment Details

The recruitment details for Lucky Dining vendors are as follows. Please check the content and apply by the deadline.

Vendor Period: July 13th (Saturday) to July 15th (Monday) 2024

Location: Inside the LuckyFes “Lucky Dining” food area 

Application Period: From March 5th (Tuesday) to March 18th (Monday) until 17:00, 2024

[Application Conditions]

– Businesses operating a food store (tent/kitchen car)

– Must be enrolled in product liability and facility liability insurance

– Must have at least one person with a food hygiene manager qualification (or equivalent cooking license) available on-site

– Must participate in two vendor briefing meetings

– Businesses must have a hygiene manual for operation of eateries/kitchen cars

– Must purchase and use eco-friendly cutlery specified by the organizer

– Must be able to communicate necessary information via email with the office

– Must have the capability to handle sales via electronic money (principally cashless payment)

– Must be compliant with the vendor documentation provided by the office

[Basic Vendor Conditions]

– In addition to traditional festival food, we are also looking for establishments that offer “Asian cuisine” in line with the theme of LuckyFes’24 aiming to be “the largest theme park festival in Asia.”

[Payment Method]

– All payments will be made through electronic money※The cost of payment terminals will be borne by the vendors, separate from the booth fee.

[Application Form]

[Selection Criteria]

– Menu content (quality, quantity, appearance, menu name, operation, etc.)

– Performance in other events, menu originality, etc.


– Subleasing the right to vend is not allowed

– Businesses that have caused food poisoning or other epidemics and received guidance from the health department are not eligible to apply

– After confirming the booth, a contract will be signed with the LuckyFes office, and all event regulations must be followed

– If we discover that you are associated with any criminal entities, we reserve the right to cancel your store registration

LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting will hold LuckyFes2024 from July 13th (Saturday) to July 15th (Monday, holiday). Under the slogan “The Largest Theme Park Festival in Asia,” we aim to surpass last year’s success and welcome guests with an upgraded experience, especially targeting Asia from Ibaraki to the world.


– Negotiations are underway for performances by K-POP from Korea, and artists from Taiwan, China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia.

– The homepage and signs will primarily be in Japanese and English.

– Creating AsiaDining within LuckyDining.


– Extending the area to the prairie, aiming for the participation of 40,000 friends in 4 stages each day.

– Increasing the number of shaded rest areas and drink stations for heat measures.

– Tripling the number of nursing centers for heatstroke measures to create a safe and secure environment.

[Theme Park]

– Advancing the crossover of music more boldly.

– By adjoining an amusement park (Pleasure Garden) that further powers up art and dining (LuckyDining), creating an environment where children can enjoy while listening to music.