LuckyFM (headquarters: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) will hold “LuckyFes’24” at the state-run Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture) on July 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun), and 15 (Mon, holiday), 2024.

LuckyFes came about in 2022 as a completely new festival with the theme of “a celebration of music, food, and art.” Under the banner of “music crossover,” the brand includes a wide variety of genres of music, including pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, anime music, idols, K-pop, and artists who are popular across generations. It aims to create a space where people can enjoy just being there, like a theme park, by enriching food and art and aiming to be a festival that can be enjoyed by multiple generations.

Consequently, the first iteration LuckyFes’22 was attended by about 20,000 Friends (visitors) over two days, and LuckyFes’23, which was held last month, was extended by one day and visited by about 42,000 Friends over three days, more than double last year’s event.

LuckyFes’24, the third iteration, will be held on Saturday, July 13, Sunday, July 14, and Monday, July 15, 2024. LuckyFes’24 will offer a wide variety of music genres to appeal to multi-generational audiences more than ever before. They are also thinking of including production elements that are like looking into a “toy box” so that people can make fun discoveries around the venue. Please look forward to it.

Message from LuckyFes Executive Producer・Yoshito Hori

From the time I was appointed as the executive producer in February last year until LuckyFes’22, I was running at full speed ahead for half a year, so I did not have much time at all, but this year I was able to visit Coachella in the United States and Glastonbury in the United Kingdom to broaden my horizons. Consequently, the direction in which LuckyFes should go has become clear.

Basically, we want to make it fun and free throughout, aiming to be “Asia’s largest multi-generational theme park-type crossover festival” linked to the media. Let me explain the concept.

1) Crossover festival:

This time, we expanded the range of music even further. In addition to rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, and legendary artists, there were idols, anime music, K-pop, Youtubers, and more. Next year, we will continue to expand the range of music, so please enjoy the crossover atmosphere of LuckyFes.

2) Theme-park type:

This year, we enriched art and food in addition to the music. For the art, we will enjoy Jun Inagawa’s pop art. In addition to Lucky Dining, we have also created the new Lucky Kitchen, bringing the total number of restaurants to 34, eight more than last year. Moreover, we wanted to create a thoroughly fun atmosphere, including photo spots and the installation of a two-meter-sized balloon.

3) For all generations:

The concept is a festival that can be enjoyed by three generations. To that end, many legendary artists such as ASKA, Maki Oguro, Kaori Kishitani, and Nanase Aikawa appeared so that people in their 50s and 60s and older could have fun as well. Moreover, the children’s area was expanded for their enjoyment, with children’s artists also appearing at LuckySpace. Next year, we will power up the kids’ area and bookings so that all generations can enjoy the event, so I hope you can enjoy it with your family.

*LuckySpace digest video:

4) Linked to the media:

Additionally, this year, contents were live-streamed on ABEMA. Moreover, we plan to re-stream the event so that the friends who visited the venue can experience the excitement again. This year, we also established a new LuckySpace and held a public live broadcast on LuckyFM. In addition to the Friends who came to the event, we hope that many other people will enjoy LuckyFes.

5) Generally free photography and social-media sharing of shows

When we conducted a survey of artists after the end of last year’s LuckyFes’22, nearly half of them replied, “We want it to be free to take pictures and upload to social media.” Moreover, when we visited Coachella and Glastonbury, we confirmed that photography (both photos and videos) and social media posts were free and even encouraged.

As such, this year onward, LuckyFes took the plunge and generally allowed photography and social media. However, to respect the wishes of the artists, we made sure to prohibit it upon request. Moreover, we decided to go back to how we originally fenced the front and stage areas to recreate the festival’s free atmosphere.

LuckyFes’24 also aims to be “Asia’s largest multi-generational theme park-type crossover festival” linked to the media, so I hope all friends can enjoy it freely.

Let us meet at LuckyFes at Hitachi Seaside Park on July 13–15. (^^)/

LuckyFes Executive Producer
Yoshito Hori